Creating a Boot Application

A boot application (stored in non-Volatile Flash Memory) is the application version, which is started automatically when the controller is switched on or started. For this to happen, the application on the PLC has to exist as a <application name>.app file.

By default, CODESYS generates the boot application automatically when an application is downloaded and transfers them to the PLC.

The image below shows a PLC with the directory structure.

alternate text

The Host section on the left is the Windows PC that the CODESYS IDE is running on and Runtime section on the right is the P2CDS-622 directory structure.

The files of interest are and Application.crc.

In the CODESYS IDE you can create a Boot application via a drop-down menu- Online > Create Boot Application. This is discussed further in Boot Help.

A Boot application can also be generated with the Login with Online Change option, which writes the Boot code into non-volatile Flash memory. This is discussed further in the Login-Online Change section.