SD Card Usage

The removable Flash Memory device (MicroSD Card) can be used to store data in a data logging application such as the Data Logger example- Data Logger

The MicroSD (uSD) Card is accessed by setting the directory path defined as /sdc (see above project).

There is also an “unmount” button that when pressed ensures that the uSD Card is not being accessed and is safe to remove. When pressed, the uSD LED will flash momentarily during the unmounting process. When the uSD LED turns off, this indicates it is safe to remove the uSD Card.

Memory Card Specifications

The flash memory characteristics of the SD Card:

  • Form Factor: MicroSD (uSD)

  • Capacity 32GB

  • Transfer Rate - 14Mbps Read / 5Mbps Write

  • Endurance > 100K Write cycles


When the uSD Card is utilized continually as in a Data Logging application, it is highly recommended that the uSD Card update/write process is assigned its own dedicated Task, due to the possibility that th uSD Card can take up to 100ms to update.