Firmware Revision

The version of firmware that is loaded into the P2CDS-622 can be viewed in the CODESYS IDE device connection area or read by the project.

Use the variable sFirmwareVersion to read the firmware revision of the CPU in the project. See below for more details.

Device Connection Summary

In a project, when connected to a device (see Verify Device ) the Firmware Revision for the CPU will be listed in the image below. This example shows version 1.1.8.

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Read Variable Access

To access the sFirmwareVersion variable, install the device P2CDS622_SystemTags, by right-clicking on Device and Add Device > Miscellaneous.

Then add the device.

After connecting to the P2CDS-622, these values will be available in the Device area- Device > Info: Base Parameters.

The variable in the IO Mapping space is of an Array of Bytes. This ARRAY can be converted to a STRING by creating a variable in your project of type STRING` and assigning this variable in the IO Mapping. This assignment will automatically convert the array to a string.

See the images below for an example of how to do this. The string value in the example below is the Firmware revision “”.

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